Litecoin Roulette – Hints on How to Choose a Game and a Gambling Site

How to stay safe online when it comes to gambling? Cryptocurrency transactions can only be added when a casino can prove that it does not conduct harmful actions towards a user and his finances. Hence, only the availability of these methods is a positive sign.
Besides, with American laws about online transactions, cryptocurrency is the only option that is not supervised by governmental institutions.

Litecoin’s relative stability, reasonable fees, and rapidity of transactions make it a perfect solution for Roulette gambling. This game is at its peak of popularity in America. Therefore, in this article, we will shed light on its history, features, and online platforms where you can enjoy it.

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8 Top-notch LTC Roulette Websites

Casinos with Awesome Offers for LTC Roulette Games

The gambling market is an extremely competitive niche. It may take days and months, figuring out which website to use. You may rely on our expertise in this issue and pay close attention to a few casinos.
These casinos treat the USA punters with delicious offers. They may surprise you with exclusive deals that brighten the everyday sessions.

When choosing a place for gambling it is also important to make sure it is reliable and is equipped with the latest technological cyber security system. It must be available in your country and provide cryptocurrency methods of deposit and withdrawal. Hence, you can be sure they do not give in other gambling services.
Among the variety of decent places, there are a few that offer stunning bonuses:

  1. SlotoCash Casino
  2. Super Slots Casino
  3. Uptown Aces Casino

Reasons to Consider These Roulette Litecoin Casinos Perfect Matches

Insight into the History of Roulette: from 18th Century till Now

Roulette literally means a small wheel in French. The first mechanism was designed by Pascal whose intention was to build a perpetual motion machine. This game became contagious in France in the late 18th century. A wheel consisted of red and black slots with two green ones devoted to the bank.

Although, the mentions of the game were even in the middle of the 18th century. At that point, it was banned altogether with a few more games. It may have happened because it was called the game of the Beast: all the numbers combined give 666. However, as time showed, it boosted its popularity.

In the 19th century, Roulette transited to Europe and America where it acquired some distinguishing features. Paving its way from New Orlean to other parts of America, it eventually shifted from being just a small wheel. Due to frequent cheating, a wheel was placed on a table in order to make it impossible to put objects under the roulette. American type of Roulette includes double zeros.

With the era of the Internet and the appearance of online sites, Roulettes were adjusting to it too. At first, there were very few casinos and a limited choice but more and more have been opened creating competition. It triggered the urge for more options, so table games soon joined the casinos. Nowadays, a thing that is in need of American gambling is cryptocurrency. The laws had been overcomplicating online gambling for the USA until cryptocurrency was introduced. Now it is possible to enjoy roulette whenever you like and stay anonymous with Litecoin.

Litecoin Roulette Games Differences that are Useful When Choosing a Game

New backers may suffer from the embarrassment of riches. The assortment is so great you do not even know how to start choosing. The basic peculiarities of the Roulette might do the trick and give you an approximate idea of which one to choose.

There are a few significant changes that have happened to Roulette: new types bring new rules. 

Which features to consider in the first place depends on whether you are searching for a fun time-spending or more interested in income. Some table conditions might be more welcoming when it comes to winning than others. Although it is theoretical and mostly fortune plays a role, below you will find the features of which you should be aware.

Rules Differences French, European, and American Roulette

Except for odds and name, French, European, and American Roulette do not have the same bets.

French Roulette has two rules that are different. La Partage is the rule that returns you half of your bet provided you had an even-money bet when the ball landed on zero. In American and European rules, you lose everything when the same situation happens.

En Prison is another interesting solution for an even-money bet which landed on zero. After it happened, your money is ‘in prison’ and its future depends on the results of the next round. If you win, you take the money back, if lose, you will not see your bet in your pocket.


The first thing you can do is to consider the odds of the type of game you have chosen.  The typical options are:

Litecoin Gambling Roulette FAQs