Litecoin Casino: Best LTC casinos for ENG players

Litecoin is a new silver, a cryptocurrency that appeared after Bitcoin and became an even improved version of it. There are more advantages of it comparing to Bitcoin and we will cover all of them in the article. Thanks to its anonymity, high security, and speed it is becoming of the most popular transaction methods around the globe, especially in the USA. People do not want the government to control each and every operation and wait too long until their transaction is successful because there are too many institutions people, and processes included in it.

It is not surprising that online casinos have chosen to extend their depositing methods and include Litecoin in it.

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TOP 10 Litecoin gambling websites

Litecoin Casino Games that are on Fleek

What is the difference between litcoin and classic gambling: pros and cons

Litecoin is a universal and new way of money interaction. Being known as new silver but the one that is untraceable and secures your identity, address, current location, and more personal information. Supplying demands are adjusting the online betting market. Currently, quite a few gambling platforms are adopting cryptocurrency methods. Litecoin casino makes both deposits and withdrawals via Litecoin possible. Backers choose this method among many because of the advantages it offers.

The main difference between Litecoin casino games and classic portals is that the first is 1000% safe, secured, and does not disclose private data. By providing cryptocurrency methods of deposits and withdrawal, an online Litecoin payout casino shows that it respects your boundaries, you are free to decode the sensitive data and complete fast and encrypted transactions.

At the moment Litecoin transactions are very common in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Litecoin is an international currency and every desired can open an account and spend money online. Cryptocurrency made it possible to conduct invisible operations with virtual currency and enabled electronic cash. As soon as the money is converted to Litecoin, all the operations are hidden out of sight.

Litecoin online casinos:

  • Minimum fees.
  • Instant transactions.
  • Safe financial operations: Blockchain encryption.
  • Fair game conditions are guaranteed.
  • Anonymity is guaranteed.

Usual Casinos

  • High and overpriced fees for transactions.
  • You may wait up to a day after deposit and up to 2 weeks to receive a withdrawal.
  • Usual level of security which discloses personal data.
  • Need to check license and regulations to know.
  • Unable to play anonymously.

Do not hesitate to give it a shot at the best legit Litecoin casino that you choose from our list.

Litecoin Gambling Fors and Againsts


  • Comparatively stable and predictable rate. Unlike the constant Bitcoin rate roller-coaster, 1 Litecoin equals $160-220 with the most frequent index of $175.
  • The lowest fees for transactions. Comparing to Bitcoin fees, Litecoin is at least 8 times cheaper.
  • The operations are decoded with Blockchain technology and consist of a couple of security measures. Litecoin was designed based on Bitcoin safety system but Litecoin has more advanced technologies compared to Bitcoin.
  • Safety. Litecoin casino licensed and therefore it is not dangerous to play there.


  • Sometimes an LTC casino does not literally allow playing with Litecoin and will make you convert it to another currency. Hence, you might lose some money while exchanging it from Litecoin to dollars for instance.
  • Volatility of cryptocurrencies is high. It is not very constant and may fluctuate drastically. However, Litecoin is among the most stable rates.
  • Not always accepted. It is not as popular to be at all online platforms, but luckily for you, this is not a problem because we share the best online casino with Litecoin.

Best Litecoin casino
Bonuses 2021

Why should you only take advantage of the features of Litecoin itself when you can benefit from the best Litecoin casino bonuses too? There are so many offers that envisage remuneration for Litecoin deposits. You can be gifted free spins, a matching bonus, and additional presents. The type of bonus depends on the Litecoin casino online you choose.

It is worth registering at Litecoin online casinos because you receive gifts just for becoming a user. The bonuses might be one-time like a welcome bonus or permanent which allows you to make the most of each deposit and gamble more. Therefore, not only will you play more while spending not more than your limit, but you may also win more.

Best Welcome Bonus

The majority of Litecoin casinos offer a Welcome Bonus. Though they are different they have the same function: to give new players maximum entertainment and to show that they appreciate that they chose their Litecoin gambling website. Such bonuses may consist of money remuneration, free-of-charge rolls, or a combination of both.

A welcome offer may be given for all games, only for live LTC casino, or only for pokies. The conditions of the number of times it is claimable and expiration if also different. On average this bonus includes a one-time offer only for the first deposit. More generous Litecoin gambling sites offer sequential bonuses up to the 10th first deposit.

To use it, you need to register and make a deposit unless it is a no-deposit promotion. Additionally, you might need to enter a promo code. After doing it, the bonus appears automatically on your account and is ready to be used. Check the expiration to make sure you will not miss the opportunity to use spins if they are given and to mind the wagering conditions.

Best Deposit Bonus

The remuneration systems are of two types: permanent and temporary. When a Litecoin gaming platform has a promotion without ending, it means that each time you make a deposit, you may also opt to receive a bonus.Whenever it is a temporal one, you are able to claim it only at the given period or conditions.

Bonuses on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th deposits are not rare, hence it is possible to get maximum profit from your contributions.You might come across deposit bonuses for new casino games Litecoin, promos for holidays, or specific days of the week.

The rules to unlock the deposit bonus might include the possession of a special promo code. If it is a bonus for the second deposit, it has to be the second type you deposit to the LTC casino, not more.The pros of using bonuses are various: more money to gamble, more chances to win big, more fun. Though all these things usually come with a few conditions.

New LTC gambling websites 2021

More LTC gambling games

The games of chances we have introduced earlier are considered to be the most commonly used by bettors. Except for those, other game types are becoming popular. Let’s have a look at the same table games and one more way of punting that becomes popular in the Litecoin casino USA. They are less popular because they usually require you to be more aware of the rules and to be a more skillful player.

  • Litecoin Poker

    This table game gave birth to the expression and memes of Poker Face. When you play this game offline, it is crucial not to show your true emotions. Alternatively, it is good if you can deceive others by reacting in a certain way.

    By depositing Litecoin, punters who cannot hide their true feelings will enjoy online poker because here one may play without disclosing face at all. Not only your face will be a secret, but the depositing details will also be encrypted as well. In addition, only online one may opt to substitute one card or even the whole hand. In an online Litecoin poker, in which most of the time you play only against the computer, the trick of changing some cards can flip over the outcome.

    If Litecoin online casinos have live dealers, you can be sure that the poker game is there. Hence, authentic poker experience can be easily organized in the online sphere.

  • Litecoin Bingo

    Since 1920, the game of chance holds an honored position in America. In a random manner, the participants hear and see numbers, and they need to fill in these numbers in their blanks. The first one who fills the blank in accordance with rules wins.

    Roughly speaking, it is a lotto variation. In the USA, bingo is so popular that it has a community that gathers together more than a hundred people who play it together. American bingo has 75 balls, unlike British that includes 90 balls.

    Online is not less fun and thanks to the Litecoin deposit it is possible to play immediately when you feel like it. Litecoin bingo is the same online but they are enterable at any time and day. Offline events may happen not as often as one would like to.

  • Litecoin Craps

    Craps is popular mainly in North America, so if you are not from this area, it may not be easy to find people of interest in your town and play it often online. That is why playing craps online in Litecoin Casinos be can the best solution. Litecoin means minimum fees and maximum security. This is a fair price for the time for relaxation.

    If you have never played craps, you can start after reading basic rules about it. It is not a difficult game. Come Out Roll and Point Roll are two stages of the game. When you shoot a dice, you may end with one of three outcomes natural, craps, and point. Natural happens when you get 7 or 11 and it means you can throw a dice one more. When you get a point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 on the dice) you enter the next round. The second phase depends on the results of the first. You need to get the same point you scored and not to get out. In this round 7 stands for out.

  • Litecoin Betting

    Placing bets and checking your guesses is entertaining. Nowadays, you can place on sports such as football team, horses, hounds, and more. Litecoin betting sites will give you various possibilities. Betting on real sport events or virtual are both entertaining but in a different way. Virtual sports betting for litecoin is fast and gives reports so that you can try and calculate the most possible scenario.

    Real sports betting may take a while until the results are known but it gives you different emotions. In ltc online casino, you make secured bets and can expect the best service possible. Quite often, you may open additional information and learn information about the statistics of teams, horses, etc. Litecoin spotsbooks come extremely handy.